Welcome Back!

By Dash on 10th September 2013

Welcome back to RPI. Regular meetings have started back up every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm in the basement of the Armory.

Facebook is still the best way to contact us. Like our page for updates, or post and message us there. Click here.

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By Matt on 30th August 2012

So yeah. This thing hasn't been updated in a while. The reasoning for this is twofold:
1) People don't really look at this thing when I do update it, and
2) I've gotten real lazy over the past year.
Therefore, while I will make sure the Contact Info and About pages stay up to date, for any official club announcements, pleasefollow us on Facebook. All the Facebook updates are public, so you do not even need to have a Facebook account to see them, just bookmark the link and check every so often.

Welcome Back!

By Matt on 31st August 2011

Welcome back to the new school year! I hope everyone had a good and restful summer. Some thing of note:
1) There is an activities fair from 6-9PM on Thursday this in armory. Please come for some or all of the time to help promote RPI Archery.
2) There is an outdoor 3D shoot at Green Island Rod and Gun Club on Sunday 18th September. Cost is $10 per person. Please email Matt if you want to go for head counting purposes. If you have a car and are willing to drive, that is a plus.
3) There is no regular meeting on Thursday this due to aforementioned activities fair. Our next regular meeting is on Tuesday next.

Spring Update

By Matt on 8th March 2011

RPI archery has been up to some cool stuff lately. Elections for new officer positions will take place on 10th March at 7 P.M. Please e-mail Chris if you wish to run for a position. All candidates will be expected to give a one-minute speech on why they feel qualified for the position.

On 5th Feburary, the RPI Archery club sent four archers to the Vegas shoot at Guan Ho Ha Rod and Gun Club. All four members performed well and did a good job to help make RPI recognized in collegiate archery. The full results of the shoot may be viewed here.

On the weekend of 5th March, the RPI Archery club also sent four shooters to the collegiate national championships in New Hampshire. All shooters performed well, official results will appear here shortly.

There is a 3-D shoot at Green Island Rod and Gun Club on Friday 11th March. Please e-mail Matt if you want to go and need a ride. The cost is $5, we will leave RPI about 6:30 and get back around midnight. There is also a shoot on the next Friday, 18th March. If you are on campus and have nothing better to do, e-mail Matt for a ride.

If you wish to get your equipment out of the closet to shoot during the spring break, please e-mail one of the officers. Ahead of time. Enjoy the spring break, everyone.

Welcome back (Spring Term)

By Matt on 21st January 2011

Welcome back everyone to spring term! I hope everyone had a restful holiday. There's some neat stuff happening this term. First of all, Chris has asked me to share this blurb from the Union annual report. Your club dues at work:

"The RPI Archery Club was able to utilize Union funds to upgrade its range with a new net, which has improved the shooting experience and safety at the range. The club also hired a coach for the first time to mentor aspiring archers."

Also, there is a sort of tournement shooting thing going on at the Guan Ho Ha Rod and Gun Club on the weekend of Feburary 4th - 6th. Please e-mail Chris if you wish to attend. If we get five people to go, we can compete together as a club.

Our first official meeting will be on Tuesday, 25th January. 7-9 PM, basement of the armory.

Fall Update

By Matt on 21st September 2010

To all our new members, welcome! And to all our returning members, welcome back! Hope everybody's classes are going well this term. The Archery Club is in full swing now, with meetings every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9 in the basement of the armory. If you have not paid your $45 club dues yet, please speak to one of the officers the next time you are at a meeting.

Meanwhile, we got a ton of exciting events that are in the works for this semester! Stayed tuned to your e-mail and the website for more details as they become availible. If you are not receiving the archery e-mails, but would like to, please e-mail Chris and he will put you on the list.

If you have missed the first meetings of the semester, but still want to join Archery, it is not too late! We are always welcoming to new members; just come down to the range during regular meeting times. Our more experienced shooters will be more than happy to lend assistance to you if you have never shot before. We're generally pretty lenient about allowing people to try it out before we ask you to pay the club dues as well, so you can try out archery risk-free!

Lastly, if anyone has any archery related photos they would like to see on the website, including bowhunting photos, please e-mail them to me and I will add them!

Welcome back!

By Matt on 20th August 2010

I hope everybody is excited for the new semester of shooting. Our first meeting of the year will be on Tuesday, 31st August at 7PM. See you all soon!

Flying Arrow Sports

By Matt on 1st August 2010

Flying Arrow Sports in East Greenbush does a ton of stuff for us as a club and they are a good option if you are looking to buy archery equipment. Click the banner above to check out their website, or click on 'Arrowtrade' at right for an independent review that was published in Arrowtrade Magazine.

Also, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer break. Keep shooting!

End of Semester, New Officers, Other Stuff

By Matt on 8th May 2010

I hope everyone had a good semester and enjoyed the shooting. The officers page has been updated with the officers for the 2010-2011 year.

The last official meeting of the semester will be Tuesday, 11th May. Several of us will be around the greater Albany area over the break and will try to shoot together. Let us know if you'll be around and want to get in on the fun.

If you have equipment in the closet that you need to get out for the summer, send one of the officers an e-mail.

I think that's everything. See you all next year. Keep shooting, my friends.

T-Shirts are here!

By Matt on 26th April 2010

T-shirts finally arrived! They look pretty awesome, so make sure you come down to the range and get one! Even if oyu didn't order one, we have some extras floating around, cost is $10.


By Matt on 15th April 2010

There will be a coaching session on this Saturday, please e-mail Chris if you want to attend, as we will need a headcount.

Welcome back: T-Shirt Info

By Matt on 15th March 2010

The T-shirts arrived, but the company screwed up. Fixed shirts should be arriving in about a week or two, we hope.

In other news, hopefully everyone enjoyed the spring break. We will be shooting again Tuesday, 16th March.

T-Shirt Update

By Matt on 7th March 2010

Chris has informed me that the T-Shirts will finally be availible for pick-up after the spring break. We should have a few extras, so if you didn't order one but still want one, we might be able to hook you up.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 16th March. Enjoy the spring break, everyone!

Ghillie Suit Source: Discounted Ghillie Suits!

By Matt on 6th February 2010

Ghillie suit souce is offering an amazing deal to all members of RPI archery: 5% off your order on Ghillie Suit Source! Please e-mail one of the officers for the coupon code if you would like to take advantage of this.

Welcome Back

By Matt on 24th January 2010

I hope everyone had a good winter break. I apologize for the lack of updates over the break, as I was unable to access the union servers during that time. Our first meeting of the semester will be on Tuesday, 26th January, from 7-9 PM on the range in the basement of the armory.

We are now Collegiate!

By Matt on 12th December 2009

The RPI Archery club is now an official member of the U.S. collegiate archery clubs!

Club T-shirts

By Matt on 12th November 2009

I have added a page with potential designs for our club T-shirts. These designs are courtesy of Jacob Katz, please e-mail him at katzj2@rpi.edu with questions, comments, and complaints.

Ok, now we have photos!

By Matt on 3rd November 2009

I have put some photos up that I took at last Thursday's meet. If anyone has any photos that they would like to see on the site, please e-mail me. I am trying to be consistent with bringing my camera to the meetings, so if you want to be in some of these photos, all you need come on down!

Calendar and Photos

By Matt on 2nd November 2009

We now have a calendar of events, powered by Google Calendar. We will have photos shortly as well; I took some at our last meet; now I just need to get my computer and camera in the same place so I can actually upload the photos. If you have any photos you would like to see on the site, please e-mail me.

Our next meeting is tomorrow night, Tuesday, 3rd November, at 7 P.M.

New Layout!

By Matt on 27th October 2009

We are up and running! So far most of the changes on the website have been server-side only. All the content is the same, besides the much obvious layout change, the casual user will notice little difference. However, we are now powered by PHP! Oh, and we are XHTML strict complient as well. There is some little text that pops up when you put your mouse over the links. As of now, all pages should be up, with the exception of the equipment page, which should be up by the close of business hours today. Photos will be up in the near future, I will be creating a Picasa™ gallery for the photos as well as a Google Calendar for our events. Look for these to come soon!

Our next meeting is tonight, Tuesday, 27th October, at 7 P.M. on the range, basement of Mueller Center.


By Matt on 24th October 2009

Union's servers DO NOT like CGI, so I decided to rebuild in PHP. Would now be a bad time to mention that I don't know PHP?